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E-mail Marketing is a very cost-effective, easy and time saving way to communicate with clients and prospects, it has become the most preferred way for sales and marketing professionals to interact in today's world. No matter what your business is, email marketing has always shown its positive impact in growing revenue and business. eMail marketing is a very high response and opportunistic way to communicate with prospects and has the caliber to bring fortunes to your business if carried out in a proper fashion.
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U R C Enteprises Inc


U.s. Escrow Financial Services, Llc

UAI, Inc.

UAL Corp Systems & Software

UAL Corporation

Ubiq Ltd

Ubiquiti Inc


UbiSoft Entertainment


uBoost, Inc

UC4 Software, Inc.

UCC Kwik DOC Inc

uclick (Universal Press Syndicate)

UCLID Software

UCN, Inc.


UEVision, Inc.

UFI Technology Group, Inc.

UFO Interactive Games Inc.

uFunctional, LLC

UI Evolution

Uihlein Electric


uLocate Communications

Ulticom, Inc.


Ultimate Knowledge

Ultimate Risk Solutions


Ultimus, Inc.

Ultra Electronics Airport Systems

Ultra Visual Medical Systems

Ultralingua, Inc.

Ultramatics, Inc.

Ultramercial LLC

Ultraserv Corp

Ultra-X Incorporated

Ultriva, Inc.

Umbria Communications

UMT Consulting Group



Unbounded Solutions, Inc.

Unchained Geometry Inc

Undead Pixel Studios

Under Lite Design

Underground Networks, Inc.

Understood Consulting Inc

Unger Campbell

Unger Software Corp

Ungerboeck Systems International

Uni Solutions Association

Unibrain -Firewire (Firewire 800

Unica Corporation

Uni-Care Systems Incorporated

Unicentric, Inc.


Unicon Conversion Technologies

Unicon Systems Inc

Unicorn Computing

Unicorn Software

Unified Business Solutions

Unified Business Technologies

Unified Methods Inc.

Unified Software

Unified System Solutions Ltd

UniFund, LLC

Unify Corporation


Unique Business Systems

Unique Computer, Inc.

Unique Software

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Uni-Sette Incorporated

UniSeva, Inc.

Unisoft Imaging

Unisoft Systems Inc

Unisoftek Inc.

Unison Technologies LLC.

Unisource Computing

Unit 4 Agresso

Unitask, Inc.

Unitech Research, Inc.

Unitech Systems Integrator

United Consulting Systems

United Developers

United ERP, LLC

United First Financial Independent Agent

United Information Technologies

United Online, Inc.

United PanAm Financial Corporation

United Professional Rodeo Association

United Service Source, Inc. (USSI)

United Solution

United Solution

United Systems Software Corp.

United Technology Solutions

United Teletech FCU

United Tote Company

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated


Unitex Group

Unitime Systems, Inc.

Unity Business Systems, Inc.

Univa UD, Inc

Universal Accounting Software,

Universal Automation Labs Inc

Universal Computer Systems Incorporated

Universal Data Models

Universal Ensco, Inc. / Tulsa, Ok

Universal Hi-Tech Development, Inc.

Universal Management Solutions (UMS)

Universal Medical Systems Inc

Universal Mind

Universal Payment Solutions

Universal Ribbon Corporation

Universal Robotics, Inc

Universal Security Systems

Universal Software Corporation

Universal Software Inc

Universal System Designs

Universal Systems Inc

Universal Systems Integration

Universal Tracking Technologies, Incorporated

Universal Web Masters

University of Missouri-Rolla

University Solutions, Inc

Unlikely Pear, Inc.

Unlimited Innovations Incorporated

Unlimited Software Associates

Unlimited Web Solutions

Unoverica Corporation

Unreal Web Designs

Untangle Networks

Unveil Technologies

Unwired Software, Inc.

Up and Running Computers


Update Software Inc.



Upper Access Books and Software


Upstream Software

UR International

Urban Laptops

Urban League of Long Island

Urban Mapping

Urbane Soft Technologies Inc.


Ursa Logic Corp.

US Biomedical Info Systems Inc

Us Biometrics Corporation

US Business Machines Incorporated

US Commerce Dept

US Computer

Us Developers


US Engineering Solutions

US Govt / Dynology

US Mall


USA Datanet

USA Digital Solutions Inc

Usa Software Inc


Usability Matters

Usability Sciences Corporation

Usablenet, Inc.

User Friendly Computing

User Friendly Software & Hardware Consultants Incorporated


UserSoft Technology



Ushostmasters Com



USM Systems


Ustreet Online


UTC Retail


Utilant, LLC

Utiligrid Technologies, LLC


Utilities Plus Energy Services, Inc

Utility Data Systems, Inc.

Utility Sciences Corporation

Utility Software Co

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

Utopia Compression Corporation

Utopia Solutions, Inc.

Utopia, Inc.

Utopy, Inc.

U-TT International, Inc.

Uversa Inc.

uVuMobile, Inc.

Uwaysoft technology Development Co., Ltd.

uWink Inc


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