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E-mail Marketing is a very cost-effective, easy and time saving way to communicate with clients and prospects, it has become the most preferred way for sales and marketing professionals to interact in today's world. No matter what your business is, email marketing has always shown its positive impact in growing revenue and business. eMail marketing is a very high response and opportunistic way to communicate with prospects and has the caliber to bring fortunes to your business if carried out in a proper fashion.
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Banking & Finance Lists

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Media & Entertainment Lists

R & D Consulting, Inc.

R & K Computers

R & L Datacenters Inc

R & S Digital Services, Inc.

R A Barnes Tech Solutions

R DS Solutions

R E Coker and Associates Inc

R F F Electronics

R G Consulting Inc

R L E Net Services

R L Wright and Associates Inc

R R Edware

R S Data Labs

R S Software Ltd.

R Square Inc

R&B Software Development

R&B Solutions

R. B. Zack & Associates, Inc.

R. Pito Salas and Associates, Inc.

R.A. Knuth Consulting

R.B. Systems, Inc.

R.J. Knapik

R.R. Software

R1 Tech LLC

R4 Information Technologies

Raad One Network Solution Inc

Raak Technologies

RAAY Software Inc

Rabboar Studio

Rabsoft Incorporated

Racklogic Technologies


RadarFind Corporation

Radcliffe Web Design

Raddon Financial Group

Radiance Technologies, Inc.

Radiant Logic, Inc

Radiant Software, Inc.

Radiant Systems, Inc


Radiation Oncology Services

Radical Systemz

Radio WADO-AM Inc.

RadioFrame Networks

RadiSys Corporation

Radius 3

Radius Solutions Inc

Radius Technology Group

Radixoft Inc

Radley Corporation

Radok Corp

Radquest, Inc.


RadView Software Ltd.

Radware Inc.

Raesoft Technologies

RAF Technology

Raffi Non Profit Organization Inc

Rage Paintball

ragtime studios inc


Rail Comm Inc

Rail Soft


Raimist Software

Rainbow Books & Records

Rainbow Books & Records

Rainbow Consulting Inc

Rainbow Studios

Rainbridge International

Raincross Technologies

Rainmaker Group

Rainmaker Software

Rainmakerz Consulting LLC

Raintree Solutions

Raintree Systems, Inc.

Raiser Construction Inc.

Raize Software


Raleigh Ice Plex

Rally Software

Rally Software Development Corp

Ram Business Systems

RAM International

RAM Software Systems, Inc.

Ramaanchar Technologies Inc

Rambow Enterprises

Ramic Tulsa, Llc

Ramirez Software for You

Ramoundos Sys Assocs

Ramsoft Systems, Inc.

RamSoft, Inc.

Ramway Solutions Incorporated

Ran Service

Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course

Rancon Real Estate Corporation

Rand Federal LLC

Randall Data Systems Inc

Random Access

Randr, Inc.

Ranes Consulting

Raney Pat Internet Site Design

Rani Networks USA

Rao Info systems Private Limited.

Raphael Webscapes L.L.C.

Rapid Design Svc

Rapid Hire

Rapid Insight Inc.

Rapid Intake

Rapid Stability Corporation

Rapid Toll Systems Inc

Rapidata Inc


Rapidsoft Systems,

Rapidware, Inc.

Rapt Inc.

Raptor Technologies Inc

Raritan Valley Technology Group, Inc.

RAS Interactive

RASilient Systems, Inc.


Rasvia Systems

RATA Associates, LLC



Rational Retention

Rational Technologies Inc

Rave Technologies

Raven Software


Ravi Bhavnani


Raw Bandwidth Communications, Inc.

Rawwireless Internet Services

Raxco Software

Raymond Software Inc

Raymond W Copson



Razavi Application Developers

Razor Threat

Razorsight Corporation

RB Data Services

RB Imaging Inc


Rbj Computer Systems Incorporated

Rbosch Enterprises Inc

RCG Information Technology, Inc.

RCH Solutions

Rck Controls, Inc

RCS Consulting

RD & Logic

RDA Corporation

RDA Softnet

RDA Systems Inc

RDB Computing Inc

Rdet Enterprises LLC

RDF Technical Services

RDL Consulting LLC

RDO Consulting

RDS Infotech Pvt Ltd.

RDS of Florida

Re Applications Inc.

RE Discovery Software Inc

RE FormsNet, LLC

RE Solutions Consulting

re.Source Partners

Re/Max Riverside

REA Computing Inc

Reach 4 Polaris, LLC

Reach Associates LLC

Reach Consulting

Reach Systems, Inc.

Reach Technologies

ReachLocal, Inc

ReachView Technologies

React Systems

Reactech, Inc


Read to Succeed New Spirit School

Ready to Run Software

Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports

Real Agile

Real Card

Real Data Management

Real Edge Incorporated

Real Estate Computer

Real Estate Systems Integrator

Real Estate Technologies Inc.

Real Mc Coy Paintball

Real Property Data Systems

Real Resolution Inc

Real Soft, Inc.

Real Software, Inc.

Real Tech, LLC

Real Time Consulting

Real Time Specialties Inc

Real Vision Software, Inc.

RealFlex Technologies Ltd


Realife Coop of Coon Rapids

Realife Webdesigns


Reality Interactive LLC

RealityWave Inc

RealLegal, LLC

RealLife HR


RealNetworks, Inc.

Realogic Analytics Inc

RealOps, Inc.

REALTECH Systems Corp.


Real-Time Embedded Software

Realtime Ready

Real-Time Technology Solutions Inc.

Realtime Worlds


Realtors Showcase

RealVision USA, Inc.


Rearden Technologies Inc.

Reasonable Solutions Intl Inc

Reasoning Inc.

Reasonix Inc

Reasonsoft Inc.

Reazon Systems

Rebol Technologies Inc.

Rebtel Networks AB

Rebus Technology Inc


Recognition Research Inc


Recommind, Inc.

Recondo Technology

Reconnex Inc


Reconveyance Professionals, Inc.


Records Conversion Service

Recordsourcemd Incorporated

Recovery Knowledge

Recovery Point Systems

Recreate Solutions Ltd

Recruiter Support Service

Recruiting Pro Software LLC

Recruiting Radar

Recruiting Software

RecruitSol Inc

Rec-tec Inc

Rectec Incorporated

Recursion Software

Recycle Tech Incorporated

Red Bend Software, Inc.

Red Bird Skateland

Red Branch Technologies Inc.

Red Canyon Software, Inc

Red Cell Technologies

Red Condor Inc

Red Dog Software Inc

Red Dragon Software

Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hawk Industries

Red Hawk Vision Incorporated

Red Hen Systems

Red Hill Software

Red Horizon LLC

Red Jacket Systems LLC

Red Maple Technologies LLC

Red Moon Technologies

Red Mountain Technology Incorporated

Red Oak Software

Red Pebble Inc

Red Pepper Solutions

Red Planet Consulting

Red Planet Technologies Incorporated

Red Rabbit Software

Red Ring Software

Red River Solutions

Red Rock Software, Inc.

Red Rocket Consortium Inc

Red Rocket Solutions

Red Shift Technologies, Inc.

Red Sky Consulting

Red Spot Studios Inc

Red Storm Productions

Red Sword Corporation

Redback Networks Inc.

RedCannon Security


RedDot Solutions Corporation

Reddwerks Corporation

Reddysoft Inc

Redflex Traffic Systems

Redhawk Software LLC

Redhill Systems Inc


Rediker Software Inc


Rediscovery Software

Redlands  Software

Redlark, Inc.

Redline Games

Red-M (Communications) Ltd.


Redmond Technical Solutions


REDPLAID Managed Hosting

Redpoint Systems Inc

RedPrairie Corporation

RedRock Software

RedRover Software, Inc.

RedSeal Systems,  Inc

Redshift Networks

RedSky Technologies

Redstone Informatics LLC

Redstone Software

Redtail Solutions

RedTail Solutions Inc

Redtopia Software & Design

RedVest Solutions, Inc

RedWhale Software Corporate

Redwood Games

Redwood Software Inc

Redwood Software Technologies Inc

Redwood Software, Inc

Redwood Solutions

Redx Web Design

Redysoft Incorporated

Redzone Software LLC

Reedy Creek Technologies, Inc.

Reef Point Systems

Reese Software Inc

REF Computer Corporation

Refense Technologies, Inc

Reference Point Software, LLC



Reflect Systems, Inc.

Reflectent Software

Reflection Software

Reflective Systems Inc

Reflexis Systems Inc

Refresh Software Corporation

Regeis, Inc.

Regent Education, Inc.

Regent Systems Inc

Reggie Software

Regina to the Rescue

Regional Economic Models, Inc., Inc.

Regulated Engineering Services Inc.

Rehabilitation Technology Svcs

Reigning Pc

Reilly, Robert President - Krismatic Software Incorporated


Reinemann Web Designs

Reingold Partners, LLC


Reisner Consulting

Reiter and Company, Inc.

Rejis Commission

Rejoice Christian Software

Rekon Technologies

Reland San Filippo LLP

Relational Analysis

Relational Database Cons

Relational Methods Corp

Relational Security Corporation

Relationals, Inc

Relativity Technologies, Inc.

Relatrix Corporation

Relay Software, Inc

Reldata Inc

Release Engineering Inc

Release One, LLC

Release TEAM

Release to Production Networks




Relevant Equity Systems, Inc.

Relex Software Corporation

Reliable Software Resources

Reliable Software, Inc.

Reliablity & Performance Technologies, LLC

Relian Services

Reliance Software Systems

Reliant 3e Systems

Reliant Computer Service

Reliant Consultng

Reliant Solutions, Inc

Reliant Technology


Relyon Media LLC

REMco Software, Inc.

Remedi Electronic Commerce Group

RemedyMD, Inc.

Remembrix LLC


Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

Remote Data Backups

Remote DBA Experts

Remote Technologies LLC

Remote Tiger


Remotescan Corp

Remtech Incorporated

Ren Accounting & Business Software

Renaissance Computer Resources

Renaissance Direct, Ltd.

Renaissance Learning, Inc.

Renaissance Software Lc

Renaisys LLC

Renbar Associates Incorporated

RenderX, Inc.

Renee Systems Inc

Renegade Geophysics LLC

Renesan Software

Renet Consulting

Renewed Vision LLC

Renmen Inc


Rental Network Software Corp

Rentfrow Incorporated

Rentrak Corporation


Replatform Technologies, LLC

Replay Solutions, Inc.

Replicus Software Corporation

RepliWeb, Inc.

Report Concepts Inc

ReportingEngines, a Division of Actuate Corporation


Reportmill Software, Inc

Representing Entertainers & Developers

Re-Questi Inc

Requisite Software Inc

RES Software

Resaleworld.Com Inc

Rescentris Ltd

Research Network Inc.

Research Triangle Software

Research Triangle Software, Inc.

ResearchWare Inc

Reservation Management Software

Residential Management Systems Inc.

Resilience Corp

Resolution EBS, Inc.

Resolution Technology Inc.

Resolution, Inc.

Resolve Technology

Resonance Technologies

Resonance Technologies, Inc.

Resonate, Inc.

Resort Systems Incorporated

Resource Advisors

Resource Data Inc

Resource Data Products Inc

Resource Data Services

Resource Interactive

Resource Management Associates Inc

ReSource Network, The


Response Analytics

Responsive Data

responsive Data Systems Corp

Responsive Technologies, Inc.

ResPower, Inc.

RES-Q Healthcare Systems, Inc

Restaurant Blitz

Restaurant Technology Concepts, Inc.

Reston Software, LLC

Restricted Stock Systems


Results Software, an op co of DPS Consulting LLC

ResultWorks, LLC

Resumate Inc.

Resurgence Software Inc.

Retail Anywhere

Retail Data Systems

Retail Entertainment Design

Retail Pro

Retail Solutions, Inc

Retail Store Systems, Inc.

Retail Technology Experts

Retail Technology Group

RetailData LLC




Retecom Technology, Inc


Retina-X Studios LLC

Retinova Inc

Retisoft Inc

Retro Studios


Return Path

Returngoods Software Inc

Rev 2 Technologies


Reveille Technologies, Inc.

Reveille Technology, Inc.


Revelation Technology

Revelation, Inc.




Revenue Cycle Solutions Inc

Revenue Management Solutions, Inc.

Revenue Solutions Inc.

Revenue Solutions Incorporated

Revenue Technologies Corp.

Revenue Traction

RevenueXL Inc.


Revere Data, LLC

Revionics, Inc.


Revolution Software

Revolutionary Stuff LLC

RevQ, Inc.

Rew's TV & Appliance

REXwireless, Inc.

Rez Got Game

RF Code, Inc

RFD & Associates, Inc.

RFI International

RFID International Group

Rfid Wizards Inc

RFK Partners Inc

Rfms Incorporated

RFP Automation Software and Services

RG2 Solutions Inc

Rgb Computing

RGI-So Inc

RHB Technology Solutions Inc

Rhetorical Systems

Rhino Internet Technologi

Rhinocerus Sa De Cv

Rhodenizer IT, Inc.

Rhodes Group Incorporated

Rhombus Software Products Inc

Rhythm Interactive

Ribaldo Technologies Inc

Ribas Associates Inc

Ribek Development

Ribstone Systems

Rice Analytics

Rich Media Institute

Rich Tretola

Richard Consulting

Richardson Global

Richardson Soccer Association

Richmond Machine Engineering

Richmond Tennis Association


Richs Web Design

Richware, Inc.

Rick Lewis DOT Com Inc

Ricks Computer Service

Ricoh Silicon Valley

RICOMM Systems, Inc.

Ride for Life, Inc.

Ridgeline Web Design

Ridgetop Group Incorporated

Ridgetop Info Solution LLC

Riege Software International

Rierson, Gary - Rkz Incorporated

Rigel Prime Software

Right Hand Manager Software, LLC

Right Hemisphere

Right On Interactive

Right Process

Right Technology Coorporation

Right! Systems Inc. (RSI)

Right90 Inc

Rightanswers, LLC

Righteous Software Inc

RightNow Technologies, Inc.

Rightstar Systems


Rimes Technologies Corporation

Rimric Corp

Rincon Technology Solutions In

RingCentral Inc

RingCube Technologies, Inc.

Ringgold Telephone Company

RingLead, Inc.

RingMaster Software Inc

Ringo LLP


Rio Grande Games

Riot Games

Rioux Engineering

Ripple Effects


Riptide Realtime

Riptide Worldwide, Inc

Rising Solutions, Inc.

Risk Data Corporation

Risk Engineering, Inc.

Riskqual Technologies Incorporated

Ristken Software Services

Ritel Systems

Rites LLC


RIVAR Technologies Inc

River Cities Software Inc.

River Falls Youth Hockey Rink

River Hill Systems Inc

Riverbed Technology Inc

Riverbend Capital Group, Inc.

Riverbend Software

Riverdeep Interactive Learning (WA)


Rivermine Software

RiverRock Partners

Rivet Logic

Rivet Software Inc.


Rivik Solutions Inc

RIX Artz

RIZ Global Technologies

Rizzir LLC

RJ Associates

Rj Ross Computer Accessories

RJB Technology


RJD Consulting

RJL Software

Rjr Electronics

RJS Software System

RJS Software Systems Inc

Rk Sales, LLC

RK Software Inc.

Rkk Associates LLC

RKS Marketing Resources

RKS Research & Consulting

RL Software Technologies, Inc.

RLM Consulting


RLR Programming Services Inc

Rlw Concepts


RM Michaelides Software and Electronic Corporation

RML Technologies, Inc.

RMON Network Inc

Rmrc Ltd


RMS Computer Corporation

RMS Technology

RMS Touch

rmsource, Inc.

RMT Tracking Corp

RMW Enterprises of Minnesota

RNA Networks

RNB Technologies, Inc.

Roadsend Inc

Roadwarrior Llc

Roake & Associates Inc



Roamware, Inc.

Roberson Computer Consulting

Roberson Computers and Graphics

Robert A Beard Associates

Robert Canright

Robert Gezelter Software Consultant

Robert Mark Technolgies

Robert Oakley Web Design

Robert Ramey Software

Roberta Savage, Attorney At Law

Roberts Financial Systems Inc

Robertson Associates

Robeson Consulting LLC

Robill Products

Robinson Software International

Roblox Corporation

ROBOdrs (dba ROBObak)

Robotics 1

Robotube Games LLC


Robust Analysis Inc


ROC Software

Rochester Software Associates

Rock Lobster Web Desing

Rock River Consulting

Rock River Internet

Rock Salt Labs LLC

Rock Software

Rock Solutions Group


Rocket Software, Inc.

Rocket System Laboratories Inc

Rocketnetcompanies Co LLC

Rockford Consulting Group

Rockford Ski Rack & Patio

Rockit Science Solutions Inc

Rockledge Software

Rockstar New England

Rockstar San Diego

Rockton Software, LLC

Rockware Incorporated

Rockwell Solutions Incorporated

Rocky Hills Web Design

Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Alliance

Rocky Mountain Technology Group, Inc


ROD Steel Productions

Rodbard Associates

Roderick Designs

Rodopi Software, Inc

Roger Lilavois Incorporated

Rokebo, LLC

Roland Leong Software Services

RoleModel Software

Rolfe & Nolan

Roll Air Skating Rink

Rollbase, Inc.

Roller Dome

Rolling Thunder Computing Inc

Rollingwood Solutions Incorporated

Rollins Software, Inc.

Rollosson Analytics

Rolta International

Rom Squared

ROME Corporation

Rome Technologies

Ronin Computing Services

Ronin LLC

Rons PC Repair

Rontel Communications, Inc.

Rooky Ricardo's Records

Room 214

Root Division

Root Learning Inc.


RootX Co.

Roper Associates

Roque Graphics

Rorke Data

Rose Capanna

Rose Computer & Network Solutions

Rose Computers

Rose Electronics

Rose Environmental

Rose International

Rose Technology Inc


Rosen Associates

Rosetta Biosoftware

Rosetta Networking Systems Inc

Rosetta Solutions Inc

Rosetta Solutions, Inc.

Rosetta Stone

Rosewood Manor

Rosewood Software Inc

Ross Computer Solutions LLC

Rosso and Associates


Roth and Harper Inc

Roth Systems Inc

Rothe Tech Inc

Rottlerocket Mfg

Rouge Wave Software

Round Table Software

Round Table Solutions, LLC


Route Logic Inc

Route Match

Router SIM LLC

RouteSmart Technologies Inc.


Routeview Technologies Inc

Rovion, Inc


ROW2 Technologies Inc.

Rowdy Dog Software

Rowe Techologies Inc


Roxborough Technology Group

Roxio, Inc.

Royal 4 Systems

Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc.

Royal Discount

Royal Information Systems Incorporated

Royal Neighbors Of America

Royal Technocrats Inc

Royal Video Productions

RPC Solutions LLC

RPF Consulting, Inc.

Rpm Direct

RPower Restaurant POS

RPS Technology LLC

RRecktek LLC

RS Systems, Inc.

RSA Security Inc.

Rsb Systems Inc

RSI Nova Soft LLC

Rsiguard Software

RSK Software Consultants

RSoft Design Group, Inc

R-Square Inc.

RSRT, Inc.


RSVP Business Systems, Inc.

RT Systems Corp

RTC Group

R-Tech Group

Rtek Systems

Rtg Data Systems

RTI Software

RTM Communications

RTO Software

Rtw Incorporated

Rubber Recovery Solutions LLC

RuBen Technologies

Rubicon Technology , Inc.

Rubin Software Inc

Ruby Networks, Inc.

Ruby's Wig Salon

Rudaw/Empirical Software Products, Ltd

Rudman and Associates

Ruffe Systems Incorporated

Rugged Notebooks


Rugger Inc

RuleAware Inc.

RuleSphere International, Inc.

Run Michigan Co

Run Skip Inc

Runaware Inc.

Running With Scissors

Ruppert Computer Associates

Rural Computer Consultants Inc

Rush Technologies

Rush Tracking Systems, LLC


Russell Technologies, Inc

Russte Inc

Rustici Software LLC

Ruthford Peterson Meyer Associates LLC

rVita, Inc.

RVS Software

RW3 Technologies, Inc.

RWA and Associates LLC

Rwa Inc

Rx Engineers

Rx30 Pharmacy Systems Inc


Ryan Associates

Ryan Carpet Sales & Service, Inc

Ryan Gilmore

Ryklin Software Inc

Ryle Design


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