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E-mail Marketing is a very cost-effective, easy and time saving way to communicate with clients and prospects, it has become the most preferred way for sales and marketing professionals to interact in today's world. No matter what your business is, email marketing has always shown its positive impact in growing revenue and business. eMail marketing is a very high response and opportunistic way to communicate with prospects and has the caliber to bring fortunes to your business if carried out in a proper fashion.
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Media & Entertainment Lists

L & M Computer Products

L 4 Software

L A Moniz Associates

L A Technical Consultants Inc

L C Solutions Inc

L N K Corp Inc

L.C. Pegasus Corp

L.C. Wright, Inc

L.j. Brossoit & Sons, Inc

L.R. Wechsler, Ltd.

L2 Consulting Services Inc.

L2C, Inc.


L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.

L5 Games

La Crosse Management Systems

LA Maison

LA Micro Exchange

Lab 49

Lab Soft

Lab Soft Solutions


LabKey Corporation d/b/a LabKey Software

Lablogics Inc.

Laboratory Computers

Labrador Consulting

Labtam Incorporated

Lacerte Software Corp

Lae Energy Inc

Lafayette Data Services LLC

Lafferty Inc

LaFlamme Multimedia

Lagoon Information Systems Incorporated

Laguna Computers

Laguna Medical Systems

Lake 5 Media, Inc.

Lake Lawn Motel

Lake Shore Software Engrg

Lakeland Hospice and Home Care

Lake-Listiak & Assoc

Laker Digital

Lakeside Software, Inc.

Lakewood Net

Lakota Consulting Inc

LAL International Systems Inc

LAMAR Software, Inc.

Lambert St. Louis International Airport

Lambic Software

Lambs LLC

Laminar Research

Lamoree Software


LAN Monte Enterprises

Lan Pro Systems

LAN Solutions

Lanac Tech

Lance Alan Inc.


Lancet Software Development, Inc

Land J Technologies

Landata Technologies Inc.

LANDesk Software Ltd

LANDesk Software, Inc., a unit of Avocent Corp

LANDFALL Solutions, Inc.

Landmark Consultants

Landrum Software Incorporated


Landslide Technologies aka SalesGene Corp

LANDTEC North America

LandWare, Inc.

Lane Fire & Safety


Lang Partners

Lang Web Design

Langos Graphic Design

Language and Computing Inc.

Language Technologies Incorporated

Language Workshop for Children

Lanham Software

Lanier Consultants


Lanmark Controls

Lanner Electronics Inc.


Lanscan Software Inc

LanSchool Technologies LLC

Lantica Software LLC



Lanyon, Inc.

Lapis Software Assoc.

Laptop Experts

Laptops Parts

Larcom Young

Large Moon Software

Laroke Microcomputer Cons

Larry Leo

Larry M Burch

Larson Software Development

Larson Software Technology

Laru Corporation

Las Vegas Bridge Center

Las Vegas Gaming, Inc.

Las Vegas Sports Consltns Inc

Laser App Software

Laser APP Software

Laser Pace Technologies

Laser Pro II

Laserbeam Software


Laserpro II


Lasich Web Design Service

LassoSoft, LLC

Last Piece Software

Lasting Effects Communications



Laszlo Systems, Inc.

Latilla, Llc

Latin America Energy Group Incorporated

Latin American Book Source Inc

Latin Ballet of Virginia

Latin-american Business Link

Latitude Consulting Inc

Latitude Media Group, Inc.

Lattice Engines

Lattice Technology USA, Inc.

Lattix , Inc.

Laughing Whitefish Softwa

Laughingbird Software

Laurdan Associates, Inc.

Laurel Bridge Software Incorporated

Laurel Hill GIS Inc

Laurel Hill Software Company

Lava Trading

Lavasoft AB

Laven Web Design

Lavender & Wyatt Systems Inc

Lavender Web Service

Lavitsky Computer Laboratories, Inc.

Law 2000 Incorporated

Lawdex Corporation

LawDragon, Inc.

Lawner Group, The

Lawrence & Associates, Inc.

Lawrence Braverman Associates LLC

Lawson Electric Co

Lawson Software, Inc.

Lawtomation Ltd

Lawton Software

LawyerLink, LLC

Layer 3 Arts

Layer 8 Technology

Layer Eight Systems Inc

Lazarus Data Recovery

LB Mcclellan Inc

LC Business Systems Corporation


LCI Software

LCN Technology

LCR Premysis

LCS Development Group LLC

LD Design Services Inc

LDA Inc.

LDRA Technology, Inc


Lead Sentry Inc.

Lead Software

LeadByte Corporation

Leader Controls & Software LLC

Leader Technologies Inc

Leader Technologies Incorporated

Leading Edge Analytics

Leading Edge Design/Systems

Leading Edge, LLC

Leads Online

Leadscope Inc.

Leaf Software Solutions

Leafedge Inc

League of Women Voters

League of Your Own Enterprise

Lean Strategies Group

LeanDynamics LLC

LeanPath, Inc,

LEAP Software, Inc.

Leap Tag

LeapFILE, Inc.

Leaping Lizard Software, Inc.




Learn To Compute


Learnframe, Inc.

Learning Center The

Learning Depot

Learning Friends

Learning Jamboree

Learning Station

Learning Team (The)



Leary Associates Inc

Leaseway Technology Corp

Least Squares Software Inc


Ledgeview Partners, LLC

Ledtech Electronic Corporation

Lee Art Production LLC

Lee Data Basics Inc

Lee Software Inc

Lee Spencer Photography

Leeb Associates

Leeshanok Net Solutions

Leetech Software Incorporated

Left  Brain Techs

Left Behind Games

Left Brain


Left Dakota Software

Legacy Data Access Inc

Legacy J

Legal Computer Consultants

Legal Data Management & Tech


Legal Ledger

Legal Point

Legal+Plus Software Group Inc

Legaledge Software

Legato Technology Inc.

Legereware, Inc.

Leggett & Platt Digital Technologies

Lehigh Systems

Leipper Mgmt Group

Leisure Hours Hobbies

Leithauser Research

Lekha Inc

Lemel Enterprises

Lemur Zone Design

Lenk 2 IT Computers Inc

Leo Software

Leonardo Software

Leonardo Software

Leostream Corp.

Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging

Lepton Incorporated

Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller & Robbins

Lernout & Hauspie

Less Everything

Lessac Technologies


Let Us Answer

Letchford Design


Lethoff, Inc.

Letowt Associates Inc

Let's Play Inc

Letter Press Software

Leum Software Solutions, Inc.

Levare Inc

Level 7 Solutions

Level Eight Systems

Level One LLC

Level9 LLC

Leverage Information Systems

Leverage Technologies, Inc.



Leviathan Games

Levingston Computer Consulting

Levit & James, Inc.

Lewallen Roy W

Lewis Software Associates LLC

Lewis Technology Group Incorporated

Lewtan Technologies Inc

LEX Tek International Inc

Lexalytics, Inc.


Lexi Intl

Lexias Inc.

LexisNexis Special Services Inc.



Lexus Nexus, Inc.

LGC Corporation

LHP Software LLC

Liaison Software

Liant Software Corporation

LIBAC Corporation

Liberty Lake Internet

Liberty Source

Liberty Technology Inc

Liberty Transnational, Inc.


Librarica LLC

Library Automation Management

Library Automation Technologies, Inc.

Lice Source Services, Inc

Lido Services Corp

Lieberman Software Corporation

Lieberman Software Corporation

Life Brokerage Equity Group Inc

Life Cycle Engineering, Inc.

Life Distributors America L

Life IS Worship Pub

Lifeboat Distribution





Light Coders LLC

Light Crafts, Inc.

Light Sense Inc

Light Speed Computers

Lightcloud Software



Lighthammer Software Development Corp.

Lighthouse Computer Systems

Lighthouse Computer Systems In

Lighthouse Computers

Lighthouse Global Technologies

Lighthouse Information Systems

Lighthouse MD

Lighting Analysts, Inc

Lightning PC Incorporated


Lightpace, LLC

LightSpeed Consulting, Inc.

Lightyear Communications, Inc.

Likewise Software

Lil Fingers Inc

Lilly Systems and Solutions

Limbic Systems

Lime Group

Lime Systems

Limehouse Software, Inc.


Limelight Networks, Inc.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Technologies

Lindale Park Civic Club

Lindner and Hansen Associates

Lindon Software Systems Inc

Lindsey, Daniel L CPA - Jackson Thornton Technologies

Ling Technologies

Lingo Systems


Lingospot, Inc.


Linguists Software Inc

Link It Software Corporation

Link Objects

Link Silicon Valley

Link Software

Link Trigger, Inc

Linked Office Technologies

Linked Systems Inc

Linker Systems, Inc.

Linkit LLC

Linko Data Systems


Linkright Software

LinkSource Communications, LLC

Linkspoint, Inc


Linn Software

Linoma Software


Linqware Inc


LinTech Electronics

Linux Home Automation

Linux Labs International Inc

Linux Software Labs Inc

Linuxgenius, Llc

Linx Technologies, Inc.


Lion Reef Software Inc

Lion Sky Media

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Lions DEN Software

Lions Peak, LLC


Liquid Cognition Inc

Liquid Development

Liquid Development LLP

Liquid Digital Group Inc

Liquid Dragon Studios LLC

Liquid Engines, Inc.

Liquid Entertainment LLC

Liquid generation

Liquid Hub, Inc.

Liquid Machines, Inc.

Liquid Planner

Liquid Web Inc


LI-SKY, Inc.

ListEngage Inc.

LIT Group

Litchfield Gowing Associates

Litel Stuart Consulting Svcs

Litespeed Solutions


Lithium Technologies

Litigation Systems, Inc

LitQuest Technologies, Inc

Little Company Of Mary Hospital

Little Gems Computer Cnsltng


Littlefield Group, Inc. , The

Litton / Adesso Software

Live Gamer

Live Oak Interactive

Live Oak Systems

LiveBrand, Inc


LiveDeal, Inc.

LiveImage Corporation



LiveOffice LLC


Livery Coach Transportation Software Systems

Lives Robert

LiveTime Software


Living Room Games


Livingston Analytics Inc

Livingston and Partners

Livingston Camera Mart, Inc

LizardTech, Inc.

Llama Trails Incorporated

LLamasoft, Inc.

Llapco Technologies Inc

Llareheath Technology

Lloyd A Briggs Co

Lloyd Consultants Inc

Lloyd Thompson

Lmno Productions Inc

L'Monte Information Svc Incorporated


Loadtester Inc.

Lobo Technologies Inc


Lobos Software Inc

Lobrien Enterprises,Ltd

LOC-AID Technologies

Local Matters, Inc Inc.

Locallink International Networking Corporation

Locksoft Inc

Lockwood Software

Lockwood Technology Corporation

Loco Computer

Loco Solutions Inc

Locus Solutions

Lodestone Software Inc

Loffler Companies

Loftware, Inc

Logic Built

Logic Bytes

Logic Electric Incorporated

Logic Key Inc

Logic Probe


Logical Apps

Logical Choice Computers Incorporated

Logical Data Corporation

Logical Info Systems

Logical Information Machines, Inc.

Logical Innovations, Inc.

Logical Results, Inc

Logical Solutions, Inc

Logical Thought


LOGICARE Corporation

Logicat Inc.

LogicEase Solutions Inc


LogicLibrary, Inc.

LogicManager, Inc

Logicmill Technology LLC

LogicNet Inc

Logicor Inc.

LogicTools Inc

LogicVision, Inc.

Logicworks Inc

LogiGear Corporation

Logility, Inc.


LogIn, Inc.

LoginClinic, Inc

Logistic Solutions Inc.

Logistics Consulting Services

Logistics Support Inc.

Logistix Productions Inc

Logix Software Inc


LogiXML, Inc.


Log-Net Inc

Logos Bible Software

Logos International Inc.

Logos Management Software

Logsat Software Corp

Lohika Systems, Inc.

Lohla and Associates

Lokitech, Inc.

Lomas Software

Lombardi Software, Inc.

Lomin LLC

Lomita Blueprint Service,Inc

London Bridge Software Holdings, plc

London Computing

Lone Star InfoSystems

Lone Star Internet Inc

Long Wave Incorporated


LongView International Inc

Longview Solutions Software for

Longwood Software

Longwood Wizards Guild


Look and Feel New Media, L.C.

Lookout Geophysical Co


Loran Computer Systems & Service

Lorian Micro Systems

Lorven Technologies Inc

Los Altos Technologies Nc Inc

Los Angeles Software Inc.

Losira Systems Inc

Lost Goblin Games

Lost World Designs

Lotus 911, Inc

Loup Technologies, Inc

Love Your Computer

Lovine Software

Lowe LUM Carlson Systems Inc



LP Software

Lpc Computer

Lpg Mapping & Computer Service

LPS Software

LS Holdings


LSIT Global Institute

LSSP Corporation

LSTechnologies LLC


Ltci Decision Systems Incorporated

LTU Technologies, Inc.

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC

Lucent Technologies

Lucero Research Corporation

Lucid Dream Software, Inc.

Lucid Horizons

Lucid IQ



Lucidiom, Inc.

Lucky Loan Inc

Ludicrous Productions

Luitporia Software Consultancy Inc.

Lukens and Lukens Computersolut


Lumen Software

Lumen Systems Incorporated

Lumeniq Inc

Lumension Security

LumenSoft Corporation

Lumenvox LLC

Luminare Technologies Inc

Luminex Software Inc.

Lumintel Corporation


Luna Imaging

Luna Innovations Incorporated

LunaGraphica Inc

Lunar Logic

Lunar Pages Web Hosting

Lunarr Inc

Lundy Co

Lunkwill Labs

Lusk & Association Incorporated

Lussori Inc.

Luster Software Inc

Luther Consulting LLC

Luttrell Training & Consulting, Inc.

Lutz Services

Luxoft USA

Luxor Technologies

Luxor Technologies, Inc.

LuxuryRes Inc.

LVW Electronics Systems

Lydall, Inc.

Lydia's Organics

Lyles Data Systems Inc

Lync Software

LYNK Software Inc.

Lynn R. Cook & Company

Lynne Company

LynuxWorks, Inc.

LYNX Medical Systems


Lyon Technologies Inc

Lyons Software Development

Lyris, Inc.

Lyzasoft, Inc.


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