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E-mail Marketing is a very cost-effective, easy and time saving way to communicate with clients and prospects, it has become the most preferred way for sales and marketing professionals to interact in today's world. No matter what your business is, email marketing has always shown its positive impact in growing revenue and business. eMail marketing is a very high response and opportunistic way to communicate with prospects and has the caliber to bring fortunes to your business if carried out in a proper fashion.
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Media & Entertainment Lists

B & R System Svc Sales

B 2 Systems Consulting Inc

B and T Trading LLC

B B P Software

B Conklin

B D Web Development Inc

B E Global

B G and N Inc

B G Software LLC

B H Works Inc


B I Solutions

B J B Software Inc

B L and S Technologies

B Line Express Inc.

B LS Software

B M B Associates Inc

B Mastin Computer Service

B P Engineering Inc

B T S Consultants LLC


B to B Visions, LLC

B W Software

B&L Associates

B&L Associates Inc

B&L Information Systems

B2 Integration

B2 Systems, Inc.


b2i Technologies

b4 consulting

BA Software

Baaf Engineers Inc

BabyFace Software, Inc.

Bachmann Software

Back Bay Consulting LLC

Back Office Applications Inc

Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support Service

BackBone Security, Inc.

BackFlip Software

Backlot Technologies Inc.

BackOffice Associates, LLC

Backroads Data

Backstop Solutions

Baden Technology

Badge Machine Products, Inc

Badger Daylighting Corp

Baecore Group

Bahr Family Organization

Bail California


Bai's Tae Kwon-DO

Baisys Consulting

BakBone Software Incorporated


Bala Information Technology Solutions

Balance Innovations, LLC

Balance Tech LLC

Balanced Insight


Balgord Software Solutions

Ballards Technical Services

Ballistic Computing Inc


Balston Research LLC

Baltimore Technology Park (BTP)

Bamboo Solutions Corporation

Bamboo Technologies

Bamboo Technology LLC

BancTec, Inc.

Band Software Design

Bandalong Entertainment

Bandwidth Exchange Buildings

Bangor Millwork & Supply Inc

Bankers Dashboard

Bankers Integration Group (BIG)

Bankers Systems Inc

Bankers Toolbox

Bankline Relaycom

Bankruptcy Software Specialists

Bantix Technologies

Bantu, Inc.

Bapsoft LLC

Bar Code Software Inc

Baran Southwest Inc

Barbara Seith Co

Barber Computer Consultants

Barco Software

barcode technology

Barcode, Inc.

Barcom, Inc.

BarControl Systems

Bardo Entertainment

Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Barkley Enterprises Inc


Barloworld Optimus

Barneco Inc

Barnes Business Solutions, Inc.

Barnett Computers

Barney's Furniture

Baroan Technologies


Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems, LLC

Barquin International

Barr Systems Inc


Barrington Corp

Barry Cline

Barry Libman Inc.

Barscan Inc

Bartal Design Group Inc

Bartlett Kelly and Associates

Base Builders, LLC

Base Consulting Group

Base Technology

Base Two Solutions LLC

Base2 Incorporated

Baseball Software, Softball Software, Baseball

Baseline Consulting Group

Baseline Data Systems, Inc.

Baseline Management

Baseline Software Solutions

BaseNine, Inc.

BasePoint Analytics

Basic Infrabasic, LLC

Basic Innovations

Basis Software

Basis Software Inc

Basis Technology Corporation


Basix1 Inc

Bass Ackwards Productions

Bass River Tennis Club


BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BATS Trading Inc.

Batson Consulting Group

Battlefield Adventures

Bauhaus Software, Inc.

Baumark Computer Systems Inc

Baxl Technologies

Baxter Planning System

Bay Area Systems

Bay Dynamics, Inc

Bay Soft

Bay State Cmpt Professionals

Bay Tek Games Inc.


Baycoast Group Inc

Bayer-Risse Engineering Inc

Baylink Networks

Bayon Technologies



Bayside Business Solutions, Inc.

Baysis LLC


Baytek International

Baytek Software Development Co

Baytree Associates Inc

Bayview Center for Mental Health

Baywood Technologies

BBH Services Co

BBJ Web Design

BBS Consultants Inc

BC Holdings LLC

BCA Technologies

BCB Bancorp, Inc.

BCF Technology

BCG Systems, Inc.

BCL Systems Inc

BCL Technologies

BCS ProSoft

BCS Technology Limited

BD Software

Bdellium Inc


BDMetrics Inc


BDNA Corporation

BE Do Have Software Inc

Be Media

Beach Software

Beachwood Systems Consulting

Beacon Business Consulting

Beacon Health Resource Group

Beacon Interactive Systems, Inc.

Beacon Software

Beacon Software LLC


Beacon Technologlies Ltd.

Beagle Web Page Creations

Beam Dynamics, Inc.

Bean Creek Partners

Beanstalk Networks LLC

Bear Code LLC

Bear River Associates Inc

Bear Rock Junction

Bearhill Security

Beauty Software- Tanning Software

Beaver Creek Software Inc

BEB Fleet Source Group

BEC tech

Beck Technology

Beckett LogiSync LLC

Becktechwebs Co

Becubed Software

Becubed Software

Bedrock Software Inc



Beechtree Cmpt Systems LLC

BeepCast LLC,

Beezix Software Services


Before Networks

Before the Call, LLC

Behavioral Data SVC-Bds

BehaviorTech Solutions Inc

Behold Learning Inc

Behringer Harverd

Beige Bag Software


Beiley Software Inc

Belacon LLC


Belay Development

Belgum Financial Solutions

Bell + Howell

Bell and Howell Information  Learning

Bell Business Innovations LLC

Bellamy Technology and Design Inc

Bellcom Software Inc

Bellcow Inc

BellHawk Systems

Bellingham Highland Games Asso

Bellwether Software LLC

Belton Associates Inc

Beluga Software

Belzabar Software Design LLC

Ben Avery Shooting Range

Bencali Consulting Group Inc

Benchmark Group

Benchmark IT Solutions LLC

Benchmark Network Services

Benchmark Partners

Benchmark Softech Limited

Benchmark Systems

Bender Engineering, Inc.

Benefit Management Technologies Inc

Benefit Software, Inc.

BenefitPoint, Inc




BeneSoft, Inc.

Bennett Porter & Assoc

Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.

Bennu Consulting LLC

Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Bentz Engineering LLC


BeQuick Software

Beren Associates

Berger's Equipment


Berkeley Internet Systems

Berkeley Soft

Berkshire Associates Inc.


Berky Information Teknologies

Berl Black

Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.

Berr Hill Software, Inc.

Berrex Computer Solutions

Berry International, Inc.


Berstis Viktors


Berube Consulting

best CAD solutions, Inc.

Best Choice Software

Best Computer Builders Service

Best Computer Sales

Best Computer Supplies

Best Deal Computer

Best One Card Inc

Best Practices Decision Data

Best Rentals

Best Software/Dresser & Associates, Inc.

Best Tek

Best/Fx Inc


Bestware Incorporated


Beta Systems of North America Interactive Entertainment AG


Bethany Bytes Internet and Gaming Center

Bethel Info Inc

Bethesda Designs

Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks LLC a ZeniMax Media company

Betta Development

Better Direct, LLC

Better Info Tech Solutions

Bettis Edward

Bettisworth and Associates Inc

Between Markets

Beverly Golf & Tennis Club

Beway Race Products

Bexcom Research

Beyer Productions LLC

Beyer Technology

Beyond 3 Inc

Beyond Century, LLC

Beyond Common Solutions Inc

Beyond Core

Beyond IP

Beyond Security

Beyond Systems

Beyond Z Interactive Media

Beyondsoft Group

BEZ Systems, Inc.


BFC Software Inc


BHE Consulting, Inc

B-hive Networks

BHL Enterprises Inc

BHW Group, The

BI Labs

Bi methods

BI Results, LLC

BI Source

Biap Inc



Bibble Labs, Inc.


BID2WIN Software

BID2WIN Software Inc

BidTek Reprographics

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big City Productions Inc

Big Daddy's Bar & Grill

Big Dome Productions

Big Fish Games, Inc.

Big Fish Marketing Group

Big Fish Technology

Big G Software

Big Huge Games

Big Machine Media

Big Solutions Group LLC

Big Ticket Solutions

Big Top Networks

BigBand Networks, Inc.

BigByte Corporation

Bigdog Games

BigFix, Inc.

Biggbyte Software Inc


Bighorn Information Systems

BigMachines, Inc.

BigWave Software

bigWebApps, Inc.


Bill Grace

Bill Ianni and Sons Inc

Bill Jacobson Internet Co

Bill Sabram Design

Billards Games and Things

BillCo Labs

Billp Studios

BimSym eBusiness Solutions Inc.

Binachip Inc

Binary Applications

Binary Office, Inc.

Binary Training

Binnet Corp

Bio Comp

Bio Software

Bio::Neos, Inc.

Bio-Behavior Analysis Systems LLC


BioDiscovery Inc

Biography software

Biogy LLC

Biological Simulators Inc

Biomed Software Inc

Biomedtex Inc.

Biometric Technologies Inc

Biomobility, LLC

BIOPAC Systems, Inc.


Biosearch Technologies, Inc.


Biosequent Inc


BioTek Instruments, Inc

Biotique Systems Inc

BioTools, Inc.

BioTX Automation, Inc.



BioWizard, Inc.


Bir Solutions

Birch Hill Technology Group, Inc.

Birch Street Systems

BirdDog Solutions, Inc.

Birdstep Technology, Inc.


Bisa Inc

Bischof Systems, Inc.

Bishop Market Resources

Bishop Web Works

Bit By Bit Technologies LC

Bit Flip Studios

BiT Group, Inc.

Bit Stream Inc

Bit Wagon Software Llc


BitArmor Systems Inc

Bitco Software, LLC


Bitek Inc

Bitera Corp


BitMover, Inc.

Bitplane Inc.

Bitrix Inc.

BitRock Inc.

BITS, Inc.

Bitscribe, Inc.

Bitstream Inc.

Bittar D A and Associates


Bitwise Operations

Bitwixt Software Systems LLC

bivio Software, Inc.

Biwer and Associates

Biz Huddle



Bizco Inc.

Bizco Technologies



Bizfinity, Inc.

BizInt Solutions

Biznessdoor Com

BizNet Software, Inc.

BizSpeed, Inc.


BizViz Audience Analytics Inc.

BJS Web Design

BK's Computing, L.L.C.

Bkw Software & Consulting

Black Blade Associates

Black Box Network Services

Black Cat Systems

Black Diamond Software

Black Diamond Software Inc

Black Dog Software

Black Dollar Days Task Force

Black Dragon Software

Black Inc

Black Duck Software, Inc.

Black Ice Software, LLC

Black Lantern Studios

Black Moshannon Systems

Black Sand Technologies, Inc.

Black Steven Associates Inc

Black Tulip Systems

Blackbaud, Inc.

BlackBelt Solutions

Blackboard Inc

Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard Inc.

Blackcoffeebean Software

Blackfin Software

Blackhawk Hobby Distributors

Blackjack Pocket Computer

Blackstone Bay Software

Blackstone Computing

Blackstone Software Inc

Blackwing Productions

Blair Business Systems Inc

Blaise Software Services

Blattel Byron

Blau Systems

Blauser Technologies

Blazent, Inc.

Bleading Edge Technology

Blevins Enterprises Inc

BLG Consulting

Bling Software

Blink Consulting Inc.

Blink Logic Inc.


Blizzard Entertainment

Block Financial Corporation



Blonde Productions Group

Blood Bank Computer Systems

Bloodhound Technologies

Blossom Associates West

BLR Group of America, Inc.

Blue Arch Soluions

Blue Atlas Interactive

Blue Bird Networking

Blue Button Solutions Inc

Blue Canopy

Blue Circle Software Corp

Blue Cod Technologies

Blue Collar Solutions of Tampa

Blue Corona Interactive

Blue Cow Software

Blue Dot Computers

Blue Dot Solutions, Inc.

Blue Equity

Blue Eyes Web Designs

Blue Fish Development Group

Blue Flame Software Inc

Blue Frog Solutions, Inc.

Blue Gecko, Inc

Blue Globe Group, Inc.

Blue Hare Software

Blue Hill Data Services, Inc.

Blue Ice Software

Blue Isle Software, Inc.

Blue Jay Systems

Blue Lance, Inc.

Blue Lantern, Inc.

Blue Line Planning

Blue Lobster Software

Blue logic Inc

Blue Mango Multi Media

Blue Medora

Blue Moon Industries

Blue Mountain Data Corp

Blue Mug

Blue Note Technology

Blue Object Software, LLC

Blue Olive Tech

Blue Order Solutions AG

Blue OX Technologies Ltd

Blue Pacific Computing Inc

Blue Print Data

Blue Range Technology

Blue Ridge Numerics, Inc.

Blue Ridge Software Inc

Blue Ridge Web Solutions

Blue River Software

Blue Sage Group, The

Blue Shell

Blue Shift Inc

Blue Shift Technologies Inc.

Blue Sky Broadcast

Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Technologies, Inc

Blue Smoke LLC

Blue Spinner

Blue Squirrel

Blue Star Techno Systems Inc

Blue Stone International LLC

Blue Storm Media

Blue Wave Consulting

Blue Wave Solutions

Blue Web Technologies Inc

Blue World, Inc

Blue292, Inc.


Blueberry Boutique

BlueCap Software

BlueCielo ECM Solutions

Bluefish Web Designs

BlueFolder Inc


Bluegrass Software LLC

Bluejay Lispware

Bluejay Software

Blueline Services

BlueMine Group

BlueNet Software Solutions, Inc

BlueNet Technologies

BlueNote Networks, Inc.

BluePal Inc

BluePointe Group, Inc

Blue-Ribbon Business Solutions, Inc.

BlueRoads Corporation

BlueSpace Software Corporation

Bluespec, Inc

Bluespring Software Inc

Bluespring Software, Inc.

BlueStep, Inc.

Bluestone Software Inc.

BlueStorm Technologies

Bluestreak, Inc.

BlueStripe Software Inc.

Bluetail Lizard Software

Blueteam Software, Inc.

BlueTech LLC

BlueThread Technologies, Inc.

Bluetornado LLC

BlueVision, LLC

Bluewater Software Corp

BlueWave Networks Inc

BlueWave Technology

BlueWave Technology, Inc.


Blumenthal Software Inc

Blunk Microsystems

Bluware Inc.

BMA Software

BMB Software

BMC Software, Inc.


BMT Micro

Bnd Group LLC

BNF Technologies Inc.

BNTouch Inc.


Boards By the Numbers


Bob Gebert

Bob Nicholson

Bob Scott Amusements & Vending

BOB Technologies

Bobball Inc

Bocada, Inc.

Bodacion Technologies

Boden, Inc.

Boeckeler Instruments Inc.

Boingo Games

Bolarigy Software Inc

Bold Technologies

Boldene Systems Corp

Bolder Technology, Inc.

BoldMethod LLC

Bolton Works LLC

Bomgar Corporation

Bonafide Management Systems

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC

Bond Consulting, Inc.

Bond International Software, Inc.

Bond Medical Group

BondMart Technologies

Bonds Web Design

Boniva Software, Inc.

Bonjoel Inc

Bonn Corporation

Bonner Group

Bonsai Consulting, Inc

Bonsai Logic, LLC

Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza


Bookstore Manager


BOPS, Inc.

Border River, LLC

Boreal Software Inc

Borg Solutions

Borland Software Corporation

Borland Systems Inc

Bose Technologies

Boss Hogg

Bostech Corporation

Boston Engineering Services

Boston Software Corp.


BOT International

Boteler Consulting

Bottle Rocket

Bottom Line Consulting LLC

Bottom Line Software Inc

Bottom Line Strategies

Bottomline Technologies Inc.

Boulder Games

Boulder Logic

Boulder Systems Inc

Boulder Technology Capital LLC

Boulet Technologies LLC

Boulevard R

Bourque Data Systems Inc

Bow Mac

Bowden Computer Services

Bowden Systems, Inc.

Bowdoin Consulting

Bowen & Groves, Inc.

Bowers & Associates, Inc.

Bowers Joel M Associates


Bowline Solutions

Bowman Design

Bowman Systems LLC

Bown William


Boxcar Central

Boxkite Syndicate

BoxMeta, LLC


Boyce Enterprises

Boyd Technologies LLC

Boyer Safety Svc Incorporated

Bozeman MRI

BP Logix, Inc.

BPA International


BPL Mobile

BPM Microsystems



BPS Software Inc

BQE Software Inc.

Brabeion Software Corporation

Bracken Foster Associates LLC

Braden Engineering, Inc.

Bradford Networks

Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation

Brahma Technologies, Inc.

Brain 7Com Inc

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota

Brain Objects

Brain Ranger

Brain Technologies Corp

Brainard Group

BrainEngine, Inc.

BrainSell Technologies LLC

Brainshark, Inc.

Brainstorm SDG, Inc

BrainVault, LLC

Brainville, Inc.

Brainware, Inc.

Brainworks Software, Inc.

Branch Connect Fincl Systems

BranchIT Corporation

Branchsoft Technologies

Brancy Consulting Inc

Brand Affinity Technologies


Brantech Inc

Branthoover William


Brat Pak Internet Services Inc


Bravestorm, L.L.C.

Bravo Communications

Bravo Solutions LLC

Brb Abstraction Inc

Breach Security, Inc

Breach Security, Inc.

Breakaway Games


BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.

Breakpoint Software Inc

Breakthough Solutions LLC

Breakthrough Systems, Inc.

Breakthru Media Incorporated

Breault Research Organization

Breece Hill, LLC

Breeze Software

Breezin Microsystems

Breit Ideas Consulting Inc

Brendan Technologies, Inc.

Brenham Rest Home

Brennan Software Developm

Brentmark Software

Brentwood Skin

Breon Consulting 3000

Brew & Wine Hobby


BrghtCom, Inc.

BRH Enterprises

BRI LIN Basic Programming

Brian Moyer

Brian One

Brian's Coral Reef Dive Shop

Brick Companies The

Brick River Technologies

Brickdam Consulting Inc

Brickell Research, Inc.

Brickhouse Software, Inc.


Bricsnet FM

Bricsys Inc.

Bridge Automation

Bridge Concepts

Bridge Deck Inc

Bridge Group

Bridge Group

Bridge Software Systems Inc

Bridge Technologies

Bridge Trading Company

BridgeForward Software Inc.


Bridgeline Software

Bridgeline Software Inc.

Bridgelogix Corporation

Bridges2silicon Inc

Bridgeway Software, Inc.



Bright Cluster

Bright Group, Inc

Bright Idea Internet Services

Bright Planet

Bright Plaza Inc.

BrightCloud, Inc.



Brightlight Consulting

BrightMove, Inc.

Brightstar Partners, Inc.


Brightword Creations


Brilliance Web Design Inc

Brilliant Data Ltd. Inc.

Brilliant Systems

Brimstone Software Americas Inc

Brindle Designs

Bristlecone Inc.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Britannia , Inc.

Bri-Tech, Inc.

Brittingham Software Design Inc


BRK Web Designs Inc


Broadband Mechanics

Broadboard BI, Inc.

BroadCast Software Corp.

Broadcast Software Int'l


Broadlook Technologies

Broadrack Technology

BroadSoft , Inc.

Broadtech International Company

Broadwing Inc.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Broden Business Systems Inc

Broderick Data Systems

Broker Dealer Solutions

Bronson Ma Creative

Brookhouse Home

Brooklyn Boy Software

Brooks Automation, Inc.

BroTecs Technology Limited

Brother Wolf Inc

Brotsman and Dreger Inc

Brownstone Research Group

Broyles Software Inc

BRT Systems, Inc.

Bruce Electric Equipment Corp.

Bruce Sidener

Brumfield & Associates

Bruner Consulting Associates, Inc

Brunet Computer Systems

Bruno Shooters Supply

Bruxton Corp

Bryan E Kowal

Bryte Software Design

BS & A Software

bSecured Solutions, LLC

BSI eSolutions

B-Side Games

BSQUARE Corporation


BT INS (BT International Network Services Inc.)

Btb Software

Btm Corporation, Inc.

Bubble Motion, Inc

Buccaneer Computer systems and Service Inc

Buchanan & Edwards Inc.

Buckstore Incorporated


BuddyCast, Inc

Budgie Soft

Budrecki Consulting

Buehler Consulting Systems

Buehler Technologies

Buffaloe Billing & Medical Solutions

BufferZone Labs

Builder Consulting L.L.C

Builderfinish LLC


Builders Buy Rite Network Inc

Buildfolio Inc

Building & Construction Contrs

Building Online Inc


BuildPoint Corporation


BullDog IT Sales

Bulldog Project Management

Bulldog Systems

BulletProof Technologies, Inc.

Bullfrog Media LLC

Bullfrog Solutions

Bullhorn, Inc

Bull's Office Systems


Bullseye Computer

BullsEye Computing Solutions

Bullseyes Testing Technology




Burdock LLC

BurgessGroup, LLC

Burk Lyman and Associates

Burke Desmond Consulting

Burr Oak Manor, Inc.



Burt Technologies, Inc.

Burton Computer Service

Burton W Phelps Inc

Busi-Form Inc

Business & Design

Business & Engineering Sys, Inc

Business Automation Systems Inc.

Business Automtn Specialists

Business Computer Associates, Inc.

Business Computer Solutions

Business Computer Systems Incorporated

Business Computing

Business Computing Concepts

Business Data Protection

Business Data Security

Business Decisions

Business Development

Business Engine Software

Business Genetics

Business Insturments Corp.

Business Integration Group

Business Integration LLC

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.

Business Intelligence Source

Business Intelligence Technologies

Business Management International Inc

Business Management Systems Inc

Business Management Systems, Inc.

Business Microvar Inc

Business Microvar, Inc.

Business Objects

Business Objects

Business Objects

Business office

Business Ornted Sftwr Slutions

Business Replication and Print

Business Security Solutions

Business Semantics

Business Software Inc

Business Software Solutions

Business Software Solutions

Business Solutions Consulting

Business Solutions Partners

Business Systems Consultants

Business Systems Solutions, LP

Business Technologies of Neng

Business Technology Association

Business Technology Group, LLC

Business Telephone Supply

BusinEssence Solutions, Inc


Businessobject Solutions, Inc.


Buteau Robert

Butler & Curless Associates

BUY Back Software

Buy Ins

Buzz Monkey Software

Buzzard Software

Buzzmac Software LLC


BVI Diaspora Holdings

BVS Performance Systems

Bvuscribe LLC

bwary Inc.



BWMG, Inc.

Byers Communications Inc

Bynari Inc.

Bynet Software Inc

Byrd Professional Resources

Byte Brothers


Byte Of Success, Inc.

Byte Shield

Byte Software LLC

Byte Works Inc

ByteSize Systems Inc

Bytestream Inc



bzonn LLP


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